Patient Stories

St. Vincent Children's Hospital, along with our partner, Prevea, has one of the largest dedicated pediatric teams living and working right here in the Green Bay area. 

Step by step: 
Aiden's story

Cleft lip palate and repair: 
Anthony's story

Still growing strong: 
Hailee's story


Overcoming heart valve disease, together: 
Kinnard sisters story

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia: Kira's story

144 days in the NICU: 
Kyla's story


Living life, day by day: 
Marian's story

Growing up with cystic fibrosis: Michael's story

Fighting childhood cancer with clinical trials and research: 
Natalie's story


After 95 days, he's coming home: 
Nolan's story

A test of strenght: 
Norah's story

A rare disease treated close to home: Quentin's story


A new lease on life: 
Sten's story

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